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An All-Natural Itch and Scaling relief Solution (for children and adults).

LomaLux Eczema Pill

  • 60 Natural Berry Flavored Pills – (almost a month supply) – $22.49 Sale $19.11
  • 80 Natural Berry Flavored Pills – $27.99 Sale $23.79




Some of its Benefits include:

  • It targets the source of Eczema – Eczema Pill often starts internally and must be treated that way. Topical band aids are a great option because they have just one daily dose of 7 all natural minerals which work from the inside out for clear, healthy skin on your body or face.
  • All Natural and Dermatologically Perfected – The Exclusive Skin Clearing Mineral Technology is a new, revolutionary skincare line designed to clear up eczema and relieve itchy skin without harsh chemicals or steroids.
  • All In One Itch and Scaling Relief – With a new 100% natural topical treatments, you can finally get rid of those pesky bugs without any harsh chemicals or antihistamines. We use a gentle formulation that is steroid free and won’t make your skin dry out.
  • Regular Usage – The course will help prevent future outbreaks and achieve optimal benefits if used for 2-4 weeks. Continue using as long as you still see clear skin days after each use.
  • Customized Dosage – For adults and children up to 25 lbs or above, adjust the dosage according to weight.

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